What's better than a safe and healthy tan within the privacy of your own home or location of choice! Our mobile service provides everything needed to have you tanned and gorgeous in less than an hour. 


Before You Get Your Glow On...

  1. Exfoliate entire body with mild, oil free exfoliator. Do this a minimum of one day prior to tanning session.

  2. Remove makeup, moisturizer, deodorant and perfume prior to arriving.

  3. No waxing two days prior to session.

  4. Bring flip flops or sandals, no shoes after tan.

  5. Bring hair band, lip balm and dark swim or underwear.

  6. Wear dark, loose fitting clothes. Bronzer that serves as a guide for technician may rub off. The "rub off" will wash out of most materials. 



Mom packing lunches, dad filling the cooler, grabbing my green swimsuit (Yes,my first bikini!) piling into the red station wagon with my brothers and sister, heading to Tahoe...

This is where my love for the sun began!  

It continued into my adult life, traveling to far off destinations for both work and pleasure. It was one day while packing for a trip, needing a tan, no time to spare,

I discovered spray tanning and never looked back!

I started educating myself about the harm caused by the sun and UV rays. I spent countless hours researching top spray tan companies. This is when I discovered Norvell Sunless solutions, "The brand behind the bronze" and I became a certified technician. Their mission, science research, and philosophy using organic elements mirrored my beliefs, that spray tanning can and should be a safe and healthy alternative and look good too! 

Carole resides in Petaluma, CA, with her husband Ken and their two furry friends Mango & Bigs. 


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